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Wildlife Garden Design Options

*Complete your design (regular or deluxe) during the winter (December 1st - February 28th) to get $100 off your design fee!*​​

Site Consultation


**Save $25 when also getting a full garden design**

Lasting 1-2hours, show us around your property and we'll brainstorm with you about garden layouts, plant choices, management strategies, and more! 

We'll ask questions about your budget, favourite colours & plants, what types of wildlife you're hoping to attract, pets, children, & allergies,

We'll take notes on the garden conditions including the size, degree of sloping, any existing plants, shade coverage, soil type, and water level.

We can sketch ideas so you can begin to visualize what the garden might look like straight away.

Already have an existing garden & want ideas for how to make it even more wildlife friendly? Or struggling with a specific problem in your garden? Feel free to book a site consultation too!

Isy garden sketch001.jpg

Garden Design


Begins with a questionnaire about the site conditions (amount of sun, type of soil, dimensions), as well as your personal preferences (colours, what sorts of animals you are looking to attract such as pollinators and songbirds). 

We'll turn your ideas into a detailed digital garden map showing placement of each plant within the gardens, and recommended plant list including information on bloom time and wildlife interactions.

Throughout the process you have opportunities to make 3 revisions to the design; (1) initial structural sketch showing placement of lawns, flowerbeds, pathways, patios, & structural trees/shrubs, (2) recommended plant list, and (3) full garden planting map.


Once the design is complete, we will also provide a line by line quote to build the garden.


On it's own this is a great option for small garden spaces as well as clients outside of the GTA, as the whole design process happens online/ via phone calls. Alternatively add an in person site consultation at the beginning of the design & save $25

planting map no labels.jpg

Deluxe Design

(includes site consultation)


For larger sites, full property projects, and gardens with existing plantings we recommend our Deluxe Design Package

This package includes an expanded site consultation, plus full garden design process described on the left. At the end of the design we will also provide several 3D rendered 'views' to help you visualize what your garden will look like once mature, including views from key windows, patios, and other locations within the garden.


Our designs take into consideration whether the garden is located within an ecologically significant ecosystem such as in the Carolinian Life Zone, along a lakeshore, part of an alvar or old-growth forest habitat, or whether there are any at risk species in or around the property that the garden design could be tailored to benefit.

view 5.jpg

We will work with you to create the perfect design for you. The initial design fees include 3 opportunities to make changes to the design throughout the process; after the initial layout sketches are submitted, once the recommended plant list is finished, and once more after the full planting map & and pricing breakdown is submitted. We are happy to continue editing your design for you, however any further changes will have a $25/revision fee associated with them. 

Wildlife Garden Installation

  • Once finished, our garden design is yours! You may choose to build the garden yourself, but we hope you will allow us to create your new garden for you

  • We also accept designs from other companies (or ones you have created yourself), however we will only build gardens that fit our 'wildlife friendly' focus. We're happy to work with you to alter your design to better serve the wildlife around you

  • We promise to stick to the agreed price, unless you choose to change or add design features during the build process in which case the price may vary.

  • We ask for a $100 down payment upfront, with the remaining fee due once the project is complete. For larger projects we can follow a payment plan that works best for you (eg. installments based on completion of different stages of the garden). 

  • We have connections with various native plant specialist providers to ensure all of your native plant dreams can come true! We will source and purchase your plants for you, as well as any non-plant wildlife features to ensure the highest quality (let us know if you are interested in coming along for some plant shopping - we're happy to show you where to buy native plants on your own too). 

  • We promise to always let you know 24hrs in advance when we are planning on coming to your property. 

  • The following summer we will return for a FREE garden check-up, to check how the garden is doing & make any necessary changes as the garden develops.

  • Although we stop regularly visiting your site after the initial build, we're passionate about our gardens and are always happy to answer any questions you have about your new garden. If you'd like to book one of our garden maintenance packages please see options below


A successful wildlife garden should need very little maintenance once established! The garden is yours to enjoy and cherish - we'll provide detailed instructions of how to care for it, but basic watering and weeding is your responsibility. Young plants (especially trees) require a lot of water in their first year to establish their roots in the soil. Consider installing a drip irrigation system or using tree bags if you aren't able to commit to daily watering in the first year. 

Slide across to see a Habitat Blooms garden before (left) vs one year later (right). 

Maintenance Packages

Spring Clean

$350 - May

During this one day visit scheduled in May, we can do any/all of the following (time permitting): 

- Cut back all perennials ready for new growth

- Fertilize plants

- Weed & tidy gardens

- Prune trees & shrubs

- Re-edge gardens if required

- Rake/sweep up leaves from lawn, patio & driveway spaces

- Plant new things

- Top up mulch

- Etc.


3 Seasons 

($350/visit; Spring, Summer, Fall)

3 full day visits throughout the year: Tasks will vary depending on each garden's individual needs, see examples below. 

Spring - Cut back perennials, prune trees & shrubs, and fertilize plants

Summer - Weed & tidy gardens, deadhead flowers, plant new things, and catch & treat any plant diseases/pests early 

Fall - Rake/sweep up leaves from lawn, patio & driveway spaces, top up mulch, protect new shrubs from rabbits over winter with chickenwire, plant bulbs for sping 


Monthly Maintenance

($350/visit; ~6 months May-Oct)

1 full day visit scheduled each month starting in April/May, and running through the summer till Oct/Nov. On average 6 visits/ year. 

This maintenance plan allows us to get to know your site's needs & provide care best. Whether it's a chelsea chop in June, staying ontop of weeds through the year, helping to mow the lawn (you must provide mower), building compost, or regularly deadheading/ staking flowers, let us keep your garden looking best all year long! 


We love to see our gardens mature over the years and can't wait to share with you the joys of owning a wildlife garden!

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