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Step One; Landscape Design Consult

Most Habitat Blooms gardens begin with a $350 garden design process

*Complete your design during the winter (December 1st - February 28th) to get $100 off your design fee!*

  1. OPTIONAL SITE VISIT ($100) Show us around your property and we'll brainstorm ideas with you about garden layouts, plant choices, management strategies, and more! 

  2. We'll ask you questions about your budget, favourite colours & plants, what types of wildlife you're hoping to attract, pets and children, allergies, and more to ensure we can design the perfect garden for you

  3. We'll take notes on the garden conditions including the size, degree of sloping, any existing plants, shade coverage, soil type, and water level.

  4. Our design will also take into consideration whether the garden is located within an ecologically significant ecosystem such as in the Carolinian Life Zone, along a lakeshore, part of an alvar or old-growth forest habitat, or whether there are any at risk species in or around the property that the garden design could be tailored to benefit.

  5. We will sketch some initial garden designs so you can begin to visualize what the garden will look like, and make any changes straight away

  6. We'll turn your ideas into a digital garden map and recommended plant list which we will submit to you for another round of revisions

  7. Once the design is settled, we also provide several 3D rendered 'views' that include major feature areas of the garden so you can see exactly what your garden will look like as well as a complete plant list and line by line quote of how much the final project will cost

Layout no labels example.jpg

Above; an example of a personalized garden map design for a large suburbia backyard complete with seating area, dry river bed, natural pond, and colourful native plant garden bed. You design also comes with complete list of plants, as well as measurements for scale. 

Below: 3D rendered 'views' of a large backyard project. The design was split into 3 garden 'rooms'; the leisure garden, the growing garden, and the tranquility garden. 

We will work with you to create the perfect design for you. The initial design fee includes 3 opportunities to make changes to the design throughout the process; after the initial layout sketches are submitted,, once the 2D garden map is finished, and once more after the 3D rendered 'views' and complete plant list is finished. We are happy to continue editing your design for you, however any further changes will have a $25/revision fee associated with them. 

Step Two; The Build

  • Once finished, our garden design is yours! You may choose to build the garden yourself, but we hope you will allow us to create your new garden for you

  • We also accept designs from other companies (or ones you have created yourself), however we will only build gardens that fit our 'wildlife friendly' focus. We're happy to work with you to alter your design to better serve the wildlife around you

  • We promise to stick to the agreed price, unless you choose to change or add design features during the build process in which case the price may vary slightly.

  • We ask for a $100 down payment upfront, with the remaining fee due once the project is complete. For larger projects we can design a payment plan that works best for you (installments based on completion of different stages of the garden). 

  • We have connections with various native plant specialist providers to ensure all of your native plant dreams can come true! We will source and purchase your plants for you, as well as any non-plant wildlife features to ensure the highest quality (let us know if you are interested in coming along for some plant shopping - we're happy to show you where to buy native plants on your own too). 

  • During the initial build we'll be coming to your site very regularly (even every day) to dig, mulch, and plant your beds as well as build any unique wildlife features included in your design. We promise to always let you know 24hrs in advance when we are planning on coming to your property

  • The following spring/summer we will return once more for a FREE garden check-up, to check how the garden is doing & make any necessary changes as the garden develops.

  • Although we stop regularly visiting your site after the initial build, we're passionate about our gardens and are always happy to answer any questions you have about your new garden or stop by for a visit any time you like. 


A successful wildlife garden should need very little maintenance once established! The garden is yours to enjoy and cherish - we'll provide detailed instructions of how to care for it, but basic watering and weeding is your responsibility. Young plants (especially trees) require a lot of water in their first year to establish their roots in the soil. Consider installing a drip irrigation system or using tree bags if you aren't able to commit to daily watering in the first year. 

Slide across to see a Habitat Blooms garden before (left) vs one year later (right). 

There is a common misconception that a wildlife garden means a messy 'wild' looking garden - but this is simply not true! Wildlife gardens can come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Here are some ideas of what YOUR garden could look like. Check out our Gallery for photos of some of our existing gardens. ​

  • Modern formal looking city garden utilizing native plants such as conifers, grasses and low-mainanance cheerful summer flowers with a raised stone bird bath water feature

  • Appartment balcony filled with potted wildflower arrangements, planted waterfeatures, and even a flowery beehouse

  • Suburban backyard wildflower meadow filled with pollinator friendly flowers, winding stepping stone pathways and a few native flowering trees

  • Raised Hugelkultur fruit, veggetable, and herb gardens that naturally return nutrients back to the soil over time, allowing you to grow all your favourites with half the work

  • Woodland oasis of native forest wildflowers in a shady corner - no more 'only hostas grow zones'

  • Dry riverbed and zeriscaping rain garden filled with water-loving native wetland plants that filter and absorb rain from your downspout providing you with a lush garden of colour all summer long

  • Farm property repurposed into a food forest of native fruiting trees, berry-producing vines and shrubs, and edible wildflowers to feed your family and the wildlife around you

  • Natural pond with native aquatic floating plants and stone waterfall, surrounded by colourful wetland wildflowers and reeds, complete with fish and frogs in a damp low area of the property where rainwater naturally gathers

  • Scree rock garden dotted with low growing native grasses, creeping wildflowers, lichen, and even Ontario's only native cactus to create a unique look that doesn't block your view of the surrounding area

  • Ecosystem restoration project such as rebuilding a forest, tall grass prarie, or natural shoreline

Above: photos taken of a gardenbed from digging to planting to one year later

Below: video of the same garden at the end of the first summer. Already it supports to much biodiversity and brought the owners much joy. 

We love to see our gardens mature over the years and can't wait to share with you the joys of owning a wildlife garden!

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